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4 Person Tent

The 4 person tent comfortable fits four people for outdoor camping, offered in the dome and A-frame styles.

Spending time in the great outdoors is a pastime that many people enjoy. While this can easily be done for a day out in a State Park or similar location many people choose to spend a little more time having a vacation. A fun way to do this is by camping and this can bring you closer to nature. You will generally need a tent to enjoy this and for many families a 4 person tent can be the ideal choice.

As the name suggests a 4 person tent is designed in a size that can accommodate four people sleeping in it. With many families comprising a mother, father and a couple of children a tent for four people can be an ideal choice as a family tent if you plan to go camping. However it can easily be used by any number of people up to four and is large enough to easily accommodate these while being small, enough and compact when stored to be easily transported.

There are a few styles of 4 person tent from which to choose. The typical style in the past was rectangular shaped with a peaked roof which is known as a wedge or A-Frame tent and it is still possible to get these. Coleman is one of the top tent manufacturers and they produce a version of this. The WeatherMaster 4 with Screenroom costs around $210 to purchase and is 14 foot by 9 foot in size. It is manufactured with strong steel and fiberglass poles and a durable polyester covering. It easily accommodates 4 people, has 5 window opening and a large D-style door for easy entry.

A 4 person dome tent is a popular style these days and this is typically more rounded in shaped with the profile of the tent resembling a dome. The Eddie Bauer Alpental Sport Dome 4 person tent is an example of this. It is available for around $100 and features polyester walls with fiberglass poles. The tent comprises two sections, with the main dome being large enough to easily sleep 4 people while the smaller side dome provides a little extra room for storing equipment.

If you are looking to purchase a 4 person tent there are a few places these can be found for sale. Camping and outdoor stores such as Campmor or LL Bean can be good places to look. However they can also be found in many sporting goods retailers, department stores and discount retailers. Manufacturers that produce them include Coleman, Wenzel and Eureka to name a few. Costs can start at around $50 for basic tents although more sophisticated styles with enhanced features can cost in excess of $200.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and are looking for a simple and cost effective way to enjoy a vacation then camping is a good option. A 4 person tent can be the ideal choice for many people and with the styles available most people should be able to find a tent that suits their needs and their budget.