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Camping Tents for Sale

Camping tents for sale come in many sizes and styles, from large family devices to small ones for individual use, to pop up tents and more.

There are many great hobbies and pastimes that can be enjoyed outdoors with fishing and hiking being a couple of examples. While many people are only looking to spend a day in the country communing with nature, others want to spend a little more time in an outdoor environment. If you decide to do this, camping can be an affordable and enjoyable way to have a vacation. If you want to have an outdoor vacation there are a number of camping tents for sale that will provide you with comfortable accommodation in the great outdoors.

Camping tents for sale are typically available in a number of different styles. The classic style of tent is called the wedge or A-frame and while these were more common in the past they are still available today. These typically feature a square or rectangular base with a peaked roof such that the profile resembles the letter A. The dome style tent is probably the more popular style these days and tends to be more widely available. The profile of a dome tent resembles an upturned bowl and the base can come in a variety of shapes such as hexagonal, square or rectangular. These are easy to set up with a number of models having the poles built in to make things easier. Another common style of tent is the pyramid or tee-pee tent. This is the most basic style of tent with one pole in the centre usually holding it up. It is therefore easy and quick to set up and take down.

There are a variety of sizes of camping tents for sale. This ranges from small 1 person tents to larger styles which are capable of accommodating up to 12 people. You obviously need to choose a size that comfortably fits the number of people which will be camping although this is relatively simple to do as tents are manufactured in many different sizes. There are a number of manufacturers that produce good quality affordable camping tents. Coleman is one of these and they produce tents in a range of styles and sizes. Other companies that produce tents include Kelty, The North Face and Sierra Designs to name a few.

Camping tents for sale can be found in many different outlets. The obvious place to look is camping and outdoor stores with Campmor being an example of this. However tents are widely available and can be found for sale in many department stores and sporting goods stores. Discount stores such as Target also have a decent selection form which to choose. Many of the manufacturers have their own internet stores which sell their equipment and this can also be a good place to look. Cost will largely come down to the size of the tent although the brand name and materials used can also have a bearing on the price. Costs typically start around the $50 mark for smaller basic tents although this will increase as the size of the tent gets bigger. Costs of up to $500 are not uncommon for some of the larger tents on the market.

If you plan to camping for the first time there are a few different shapes, sizes and styles of camping tents for sale. This provides the consumer with a decent selection from which to choose and whatever your needs you should be able to find a suitable, good quality tent for the budget you have available.