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Canopy Bed Drapes

Canopy bed drapes can transform the look of a normal room into one that is brimming with romance, drama, and passion. Bed drapes have been a very popular option since Medieval times to provide privacy and comfort to their users. They are also a sheer statement of opulence, and portray a high social status in life.

Canopy beds have their origins from the Middle Ages, as these were luxury items used by kings and queens, as well as noble statesmen. A cloth canopy, which is called the baldachin, is often used to cover the throne of an emperor. The tradition continued as kings and queens began sitting under golden fabrics embroidered with pearls, gold, and miscellaneous royal symbols to signify their status in life.

The use of these drapes extends to the bedroom, where curtain drapes were use to cover the beds of royal people and prominent people during that era. The grand statement that canopy beds make and the sheer elegance and grandeur they project has evolved and lived on through the years.  As a result, today we have a variety of modern canopy beds to choose from to satisfy your own desire for a touch of royalty in your life.

The modern version of canopy beds differs in terms of color, styles, sizes, and designs used to create them. Apart from the bed itself, canopy bed drapes are available in many different themes, colors, and styles.

If you have a poster bed at home or if you are looking for drapes for canopy beds to hang from a hook on your ceiling, there are many choices you can pick from. They are available in a wide variety of dazzling colors, fabrics, and designs. These drapes are affordable and can instantly transform the look of a room into one that is relaxing and inviting. A normal plain room will suddenly turn into an oasis of sheer luxury and romance that even royalty would love.

Sheer canopy bed drapes offer a cheap way of providing a luxurious look to any room without having to spend a ton to create the effect. Be sure to choose a theme that matches the overall décor of your room. Do not add too many accessories if you don’t want a cluttered look, as your canopy drapes will do wonders to create a great effect without any more additional items.

The use of sheer canopy bed drapes is certainly not limited to the master bedroom.  They can be added to any room to create a stunning effect. Even in a baby nursery, they can provide a regal and sophisticated look that can will even appeal to a tiny infant. Being cocooned in draperies, your tiny baby will be more likely to feel safer and more comfortable than being on a bed exposed to noise and sound without any form of enclosures at all. A canopy bed drapery can provide the sense of security he or she needs, which some believe reminds them of being in the mother’s womb. .

If you have found the canopy bed drapes of your choice, you may install them on your poster beds, or from the ceiling by directly hanging it using a metal hook or curtain rods. You can even install a coronet if you wish. You are now setting the stage for a luxurious and grand look that is about to unfold as you hang the new draperies over the bed.