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Carport Canopy

A carport canopy consists of a metal, steel, or aluminum cover for your car, acting as an awning to protect it from outdoor weather conditions.

Having somewhere to safely park your car out of the worst of the weather can help to keep it in better condition over the years. While many properties are built with garage space, others can only have only an uncovered driveway. In the latter of these cases your vehicle will typically be left exposed to the elements. However, rather than going to the cost of building a permanent structure, a simpler and more affordable way of providing some protection is to use a carport canopy.

A carport canopy is a simple structure that can be erected over a vehicle to afford it some protection from the weather. Leaving a car exposed to the weather can have a detrimental effect over time as sun and rain can take their toll on the paintwork and metal of the vehicle. It can also make your vehicle easier to use. Anyone who has left their car out in the sun for a length of time and then went to use it will realize that it can be simpler to provide the vehicle with a little shade to stop the heat building up.

If you have an open driveway therefore, providing a carport canopy under which a vehicle can be parked can be a good idea. In its simplest form a canopy used for a car is a structure which comprises a metal frame with a canvas roof. These can easily be put in place to protect your car although they are typically not permanent and can be easily removed if required. They come in a variety of sizes to suit different sizes of vehicles. A standard size used for car canopies is 10 feet wide by 20 feet long although many companies sell them in a variety of widths, lengths and heights to suit the needs of vehicle owners. This can range up to canopies that are more than 20 foot wide and 40 foot long.

It is also possible to get an enclosed carport canopy. Rather than just having a roof covering and open sides, these types of canopies also have canvas sides. This provides a vehicle parked inside with complete protection from the weather and can be a better option if you want to ensure your vehicle gets the best protection. While many carports use a fabric covering for the roof it is also possible to get metal roofs and these can be a little more permanent than fabric.

If you are looking to use a carport canopy on your driveway there are a number of places they can be found for sale. Simple canvas canopies are available in a number of stores with discount retailers such as Target and Walmart being places they can be found. Checking on the internet can also be a good idea and there are a number of companies that specialize in selling carports and canopies. Some of these include Carports and More, Creative Shelter, Carport Station and Ace Canopy. These all have a selection of carports in a various styles and sizes to choose from.

The cost for carport canopies will vary depending on size, style and materials. At the affordable end of the market smaller, basic carport canopies comprising a metal frame and canvas roof can be found for less than $100. Creative shelters, for example, have basic carport kits which start at around $70. However the cost for larger carports will be greater. The largest 20 x 40 models with a metal roof from Carports and More can cost in excess of $2,000.

Protecting your vehicle from the weather is a common sense thing to do. Using a carport canopy can be a simple way to do this and will help to keep your car in better condition such that you can enjoy its benefits for a longer time.