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Deck Canopy

A deck canopy provides great shade in any outdoor yard, also usable on a patio, porch, or in a garden.

A deck canopy can be a fantastic way to create a much more comfortable place to sit outside your home.  The problem with enjoying your deck during the summer simply comes from the hot sun. Sitting in the sun’s full shine on a hot summer day is just uncomfortable for anyone.  For that reason, having a deck canopy is essential, so that you can enjoy the shade, no matter what time of day you choose to sit on your deck.  This way you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and even dinner in the comforts of the great outdoors, without having to worry about staying comfortable while you sit.

There are a variety of different styles when it comes to deck canopy designs, but all are essentially meant to function in the same way.  Any canopy consists of an angled piece of thick fabric, that extends from the outside of your house, to cover all, or a portion of your deck.  This way, you can target your shade to the areas in which it is needed the most, so that you can ensure that sitting outside is always comfortable.  Plus they are especially ideal when you have a deck with a pool, so that you can lay out to tan, on one portion of the deck, or return to the cool shade after some heavy swimming activities.

Plus, you’ll also find that there are even retractable deck canopy options, so that you can directly control the type of shade that you have.  The problem with a standard canopy, is that it doesn’t allow you to enjoy the stars at nighttime, as it will block your view of the sky.  But with a retractable version, you’ll be able to adjust your deck to the time of day, so that you can pull out shade when you need it, or put the canopy away to enjoy the view of what’s above.  Plus, retractable canopies aren’t that much more expensive, and will still be affordable on practically any budget.

Although, if you don’t want to fully commit to a deck canopy, and you’re just looking for targeted shade in certain areas of the outside, you may want to consider a patio umbrella instead.  These can be placed beside lawn chairs, or on deck tables, so that you have targeted shade where you need it the most.  This way you can remain comfortable at any time, so that you can always enjoy the shade where you need it, without having to eliminate the sun everywhere else.  You’ll be free to adjust your umbrella to tan, and then switch it back to provide plenty of shade once you’re done.

The best places to find a deck canopy, are always going to be stores that specialize in outdoor accessories for the home.  That means stores like Sears or Home Depot, or even sporting goods stores, so long as they have a large selection of camping equipment.  At any, you can find the perfect deck canopy so that you can stay cool, and enjoy the summer on your own terms.