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Patio Canopy

A patio canopy provides you with a great means of outdoor shade at home, with free standing and awning forms both getting the job done.

Many people these days have a patio attached to their home and this can be a relaxing place to spend a little time in the fresh air. Most people like their patios to be a comfortable place to sit outside and there are a few simple methods to help with this. Providing a little shade from the sun and cover from the rain is something that can make your patio easier to use and a patio canopy is ideal for this.

There are various types of patio canopy available and the type you use largely comes down to the size of your patio. For smaller outdoor patio areas a canopy can be as simple as a large patio umbrella. These are widely available on the market and come in a couple of styles. Many look like a larger version of a standard umbrella with a central pole around which the umbrella opens. However a more convenient style can be an offset umbrella which can be easily set up to provide shade from the sun. The pole in this style of umbrella is offset to the side with a separate arm stretching out from the top of the pole to support the umbrella. These are available in round or square shapes with sizes which can reach up to 10 foot wide. Costs can typically start at less than $100, although this can rise to $500 plus for larger, better quality umbrellas.

For larger patios there are a few options for using a patio canopy. A free standing canopy is an option and these come in various sizes. This can start at around 10 feet by 10 feet although larger sizes are available. These typically comprise a metal frame with a heavy duty fabric covering. They are available with only a roof, although can also come with fabric sides if you need a little wind as well as sun and rain protection. These can comprise a frame made of individual poles which is erected and the fabric covering placed over this. However a simpler style for ease of set up is a pop up canopy. These have a one piece collapsible frame which can be quickly set up and covered. They also fold down easily to a compact size for easy storage when not used. Costs for these types of canopies typically start around the $100 to $150 mark for a 10 x 10 canopy although larger canopies are more expensive and prices can rise to $500 and greater.

Another type of patio canopy is an awning and these can be free standing with legs or can be supported by being attached to a wall. These typically stretch out from a wall over the patio area. Basic awnings tend to sit permanently in place. However, more sophisticated versions are retractable such that they can be used to cover the patio or not as required. They can be produced using fabric although metal is also an option. Costs for these can vary from $150 to $200 for basic models to $1,500 plus for larger, retractable equipment.

A patio canopy can make the patio at your home a more pleasant place to spend time. Whether the sun is beating down or the rain is falling, a canopy will provide a little shelter and shade from these. This should mean you get more use from your patio and can spend time on it even when the weather is not perfect.